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Triple Crown 2005 Review

2005 Triple Crown races

Just a year ago, At The Track took a pause from betting in anticipation of watching Smarty Jones bring home the Triple Crown.  We loved Smarty! 

I was traveling in England at the time of the Kentucky Derby and stopped into a small town bookie shop to place my Derby bet.  The local book's line was 11 to 2 on Smarty.  I made the maximum bet he would accept, 200 Pounds.  I remember watching the race from my hotel room in mid-town London, late at night, as Smarty blew them away heading for the finish line. 

The Preakness went much the same way, but the public was on to Smarty by that time and the pay day was not as good.  I did not bet last year's Belmont Stakes as I deemed Smarty to be too short a price and I felt he would win so deemed the race a pass for betting purposes, much to the chagrin of some of my customers. Sentiment also took hold and I wanted Smarty to win so bad.  When sentiment takes over logical handicapping and betting strategy, I learned years ago to just pass the race.  

There were lots of good bets to make in other races, so I chose to just watch and enjoy the magical moment when we would have our first Triple Crown winner in over 25 years.  The heartbreak and silence was heavy in the air as Smarty got passed in the final leg of the home stretch.  All the air went out of our balloon as history eluded us again. Although I didn't have a dime wagered, I felt like I had lost my last one and headed home from the track thinking about what could have and should have been.

What a difference a year makes!  This year At The Track won big at the Derby and Preakness.  We expect The Belmont to be a great betting race with huge payout opportunity.  Check our site for updates as the big day approaches.

Ron Robinson - Founder, At The Track

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