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Tournament Selections

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One of the unique features of At The Track is our Exclusive advisory on Track and Race Selection, as well as the horses to use for tournament play.  Though our advisory is designed specifically for the tournament player, all players can take advantage of the exclusivity of our product. Each track is sold separately.

The Tournament Selections buyer gains our picks for the given track for the duration of the tournament. For instance, one player may buy for Hollywood Park and another for Belmont. 

We believe our Tournament Selections to be unique in the handicapping advisory world; particularly for tournament players.  When you buy our Tournament Selections for a specific track you will be The One and Only to have our selections for the days covered by the tournament.

This can be especially helpful even if you are not in a tournament, because you will know that none of our customers will have the exclusive selections that you have, thus giving you an advantage in the pari-mutuel pools.

Read about our Founder Ron Robinson's Horse Player World Series success.

Contact us to learn more about our exclusive selections for you the tournament player.

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