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Percy from I.R.S. Sign-up window at Hollywood Park Study Hall

"For certain you were the most successful handicapper at my window. You were the person with the most apparent handicapping skills at my window." - about At The Track Founder/Handicapper Ron Robinson

June 10, 2008 - Email from customer

Ron; I just re-bought and I would like the Belmont card and a pick 6. Can you build a dream pick 6 ticket for around $500-600? Thanks for the great handicapping for the Belmont. I caught your jumbo tri ticket ($4.00 )$480 total paid $7900 thanks to your # 6 pick and the dead heat for third. I couldn’t believe it. I happened to be in Vegas for the weekend and had to visit the IRS window. Thanks again, Tommy

February 20, 2008 - Email from customer

"Hi Ron..can you say..."BINGO-BAM-BADA-BING!....Like the Kids Say....U DA MAN...need I say,  lay MY "BB" on me...your payment has been made....those TRI's were like taking candy from a baby....thanks ...Stan ( got a couple of the LS's also.....)" - Customer talking about our $25,000+ win day at Santa Anita

February 11, 2008 - Email from customer

"thank you for your picks,the last 2 days has been the best,i used your pick yesterday in the last 4 races,and i went to the irs window for the first time" - K. Coleman

December 31 , 2007 - Email from customer

"Ron, I killed 'em today. Had all of the big Pick 3s thanks to your longshots. Had a 5-figure day!!!" - Steve

July 22 , 2007 - Email from customer

"Ron, thanks for Friday's Longshot #2 in the 8th race. I wish he had held on to win, however I keyed him for 1st , 2nd, and 3rd,for $60 total. The trifecta payed over $800 for $1 tri. Thanks." - Michael D.

May 4 , 2007 - Email from customer

"Ron, you are awesome!!!  I boxed all your picks in the 2nd race for a TRIBOX and hit it!!!  $1495!!  Thank you!!!!" - Steve K.

December 28 , 2006 - Email from customer

"Ron, I haven't had a chance to say thanks.  I boxed all your longshot picks in the 7th race in a trifecta box and hit $2626 on Tuesday.  Thanks again!!" - S. Kuroda (referring to our opening day Santa Anita picks)

August 10, 2006 - Email from customer

"WOW!!! I planned to use this package for two months and see if I could make a net profit. You made it for me less than a week. $64.00 for two months and 40 $15.00 bets is $664.00. Since I'm retired I bet the minimum amount but---if I win another one like this I'll double the minimum bet. Thanks" - Phil

July 9 , 2006 - Emails from customers

"Ron: Thanks for another four figure win!  My fourth trip to the IRS window thanks to your expertise, with many smaller wins in-between.  I couldn't be happier with either your service or your product.  Please keep doing what you're doing!" - Bill Frech

"Wow!  I found your website only 3 weeks ago and have more big winners with you, At The Track, in the last 3 weeks than I've had all year.  Never had such large winners in such a short span.  Friday's pick three was wonderful with those consecutive long shots.  I also played your Longshots in the daily double which gave me over $5000 including your pick three on Friday night.  I am ordering another 5-package of Best Bets on Sunday.  It's great to have a service which gives large payoff opportunity.  I am very pleased to have found At The Track." - Larry F, - New Jersey

"Thank you so much for your service and answering all my e-mails regarding different ways to bet.  I think your plan for Pick 4's and Pick 6's is the best I've heard in over 25 years on playing the ponies.  On your advice, I'm betting less money , but winning more money.  The Pick Six at Churchill was great!  I also used your Longshot in the final race as a single in my Power Pick 4 and won another $4000 on top of the $5000 Pick Six.  Keep up the good work!" -  Mel M. - Elmont, NY
"Good 'cappin Ron!  After 4 small losses, you hit big 2 of last 3 times and I mean real big!  I am so happy I bought your package and stayed with it.  Please work me up a price for the entire Del Mar meet for every Friday , Saturday and Sunday" - Al S.- Carlsbad, Ca.

March 21 , 2006 - Email from a customer

"Until I started using At The Track products, I had never needed to go to the IRS window.  Last weekend I had TWO sign-ups! As always, good luck!" - Bill Frech

February 25, 2006 - Email from a customer

"Hi Ron,Nice job today at SA.  Your back-to-back longshots in races 8 and 9 were terrific.  I just purchased the same products for tomorrow.  Thanks again!!" - Greg

February 24, 2006 - Email from a customer

"Congratulations on your picks last week - terrific work. I bought your $30.00 package for Santa Anita but wanted to alert you it is for Sunday. I'm heading off again to the trotters and will be avoiding them like the plague, looking to Santa Anita for comfort. Thanks Ron and look forward to Sunday's Santa Anita picks" - Greg from Vancouver

October 28, 2005 - Email from tournament customer

"Hi Ron: When you consider all the off tracks, & scratches, with your help, I did fairly well in the contest. I probably finished in the top 30, but about a 1/2 length cost me about $3500.00.Your selection in the 8th race at Keenland,"Broken Smile", led into the stretch, & battled to the wire with 2 others,& finally ran 3rd @ 27-1 odds. This would have moved me up about 4,000 points had it held on. You can be sure, that the next tournament I enter, I will be sure to have that extra edge with your services."   Jack


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