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Pick 6 Play

We're shooting for the big score!

Do you dream of hitting the Pick 6? We all do. But as you know, our philosophy here is Bet a little, Win a Lot. In keeping with our philosophy, we never try to "buy" the Pick 6. We stick with our smaller tickets, and play for the occasional big score. It sure feels good to win on a small ticket, especially when our big longshots come in.

Our Pick 6 Play product is $9 and provides: 

A-- The best singles (in order of preference)
B-- The best price horses to include (in order of preference)
C-- Our suggested $32 or $36 baseline Ticket

See a sample of our Pick 6 Play.

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Pick 6 Play Packages

Customized Pick 6 Play

We know there are times to bet a large ticket, such as when there is a large carryover or even on regular Pick 6 days when the card looks easier than normal. Due to customer interest, we are now offering a custom edition of our Pick 6 Play. For those people, we offer picks tailored to exactly how much you want to wager. For example, if you want to wager $200, we will design a ticket that encompasses our best recommendations for your $200. We will decide the horses that will add the most value for your increased bet.

When you order, just send us a note telling us how much you want to wager, and we'll do the rest.

Custom Pick 6 Play is $25.


To help you make a decision as to which of our Pick 6 Plays is best for you, we recommend you read the article on our Pick 6 Strategy. We also find that people like to use these packages for other exotic bets as well such as Pick 3's, Pick 4's, and Daily Doubles because on average we have 3 or 4 horses out of the Pick 6 on any given day.

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