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Daily Racing Form - where it begins for us every day before the races.

How we hit the big winners

The key to most big pay days and tournament wins is catching a good long shot to blow up the price of your trifecta or pick 3 ticket; or run up your win and win/place tournament total with a good priced winner.  Many races have horses with very attractive odds, but selecting the right one is the issue.  A key mark of success for At The Track has been our ability to isolate horses with good potential to make their score that day.

Unique System

We utilize our in house handicapping methodology which factors in all the traditional methods (breeding, works, trainer/jockey info, speed fractions,  pace scenarios, competiveness of the field, vulnerable favorites, etc); as well as our own system to evaluate if a given horse is likely to improve, decline, or stay the same from past performance.  It is the combination of the two which has resulted in our success over the past 6 years and the success of our horseplayer customers.

Among The Best

Our favorite saying is "you can't hit a long shot unless you use one".  Long shots come in all the time. The trick is to use those considered  most "live" to run that day in your playing strategy, particularly in pick 3, pick 4 and trifecta combinations with other horses.  We consider our handicapping in this important area among the best in the business and a key component of the At The Track game plan for making money at the track or in tournament play. Contact us prior to your next trip to the track or tournament, and let us help you broaden your opportunity to catch some good long shots and bring home more money. Be sure to get our Free Friday Longshot.

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