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Kentucky Derby 2005 re-cap

Post Race Analysis - Our $10,667 Pick 3 Kentucky Derby pick

Wow! If you took our advice from At The Track's flyer (see below) in many of the Southern California editions of the Daily Racing Form, and used our selections in the 8th and 9th with all in the 10th (Kentucky Derby), often a good play,  you would have netted $10,667.20 for the pick 3. We sure hope you did! Go to our Best Bets of the Day page to learn how to take advantage of these opportunities on a regular basis. And be sure to read about our $10,798 score at the 2005 Preakness Stakes.

As for our exotic picks for the Derby itself: Early speed opened it up for a surprise winner as we expected.  Sad, but true, our long shots weren't the ones to get the job done in the trifecta with our best selection taking a small bump in the home stretch and finishing 9 lengths back.  Going over our handicapping, it's unlikely we would have ever come up with the horses finishing first and second today in the trifecta. 

Our Flyer from Kentucky Derby edition of Daily Racing Form

At The Track presents Free Selections for the Derby!  We recommend a $200 investment in this exciting day!  The Derby comes only once a year and we at At The Track want you to get to know us for this exciting Derby Day.    Visit us at to enhance your chances At The Track for the Derby or any racing day.  Trifectas and Pick 3's are our specialties.  Our recommended $200 play for Derby Day:  With all the speed horses gunning from the inside, middle and outside, we believe a major melt down can occur if first half fractions are much faster than 47 seconds and set up a surprise winner.  Our selection is #9 Greeley's Galaxy.How to play your $200:  $1 Trifecta 3-5-9-12-16 with 9-12-16 with 3-5-9-12-16 for a cost of $36.  Play $8 across the board on #9 for a cost of $24.  Play $1 Pick 3.....Race #8 single the standout #9. Race #9 use #5 . Use all 20 in the Derby for a total cost of $20.  Our more aggressive play is another $1 Pick 3 using 5-8-9 in the eighth with 5-9 in the ninth and again using All in the Derby for a cost of $120.  We at At The Track are rooting for Greeley's Galaxy to be that surprise winner.  Good Luck in The Derby.

Free Picks - given to visitors here at our website

Our top selection is Greeley's Galaxy (9) at a real good price, closely followed by Coin Silver (5) holding on for a spot in the exotics at an even better price, with Sun King (3), Afleet Alex (12) and Bellamy Road (16).  Our recommended $1 trifecta play is 3-5-9-12-16 with 9-12-16 with 3-5-9-12-16 for a total ticket price of $36.  We also recommend two pick 3 plays which include the Derby.  With a big field like this, play one ticket with your best selection or two and All the Derby.  Play another using our 5 horses from our trifecta play.  Good luck from At The Track. 

Race Scenario

At The Track expects High Limit from the inside, Bellamy Road from the outside,  Spanish Chestnut from the middle, and perhaps Coin Silver from the #5 hole to converge in a very quick triangle of speed at the first turn. With 20 in the field, a scenario for faster than desired burn of energy for the monster, Bellamy Road, could very well develop.  If this happens, and we think the chances are good it will, we're looking for the finish to be open for a surprise winner. 



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