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Horseplayer World Series

2005 Horseplayer World Series

For the handicapper/horseplayer, nothing matches the pressure of a big tournament like the World Series of Handicapping.  Forget that the purse is near $1,000,000 and you're competing against the best in the game, it's your reputation that's ultimately on the line.  The choices you make for race selection and horse selection is there for everyone to evaluate. 

You only have 11 plays each day and you must make the best of it.  The stamina and concentration required over the 3 day event is mind boggling.  Each night before a tournament day you have eight tracks, approximately 80 races to handicap and evaluate. It all makes you wonder if you'll have any time to catch a few z's.  The next tournament day is filled with following up on late scratches and the ever changing track conditions which in many cases change the race scenario entirely. The same thing is repeated for each of the three tournament days, which makes for a very exhausting  experience.

I may have been exhausted at the end, but I was also extremely exhilarated as I hit 10 of my 33 races.  The shortest price of any of my win/place tournament tickets was 7 to 1, the longest was 45 to 1. My cash ticket percentage exceeded 30%.  I finished in the top 6% of the 800 best players in the world. It's all worthwhile, because it's not about the the big pile from the Vegas experience; it's all about putting my reputation on the line for the world to see and coming home with pride. I didn't win the World Series in '05, but I was in the hunt with the best of them. Maybe I'll take the whole enchilada next year.

R. Robinson-Founder-At The Track (for the serious horseplayer)  

2006 Horseplayer World Series

Due to the passing of my dear friend, Steve, I could not participate in this years World Series event.............looking forward to winning it in 2007 - R. Robinson


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