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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we are frequently asked. If you do not find an answer to your question, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Do you have statistics of tracks you are most accurate with your predictions?

Last year, we were 30% plus ticket cash on Pick 3's and trifectas at Hollywood Park, Churchill Downs and Arlington Park........down to 25% at Belmont, Aqueduct, Bay Meadows,Santa Anita.........and did poorly at Del Mar and Saratoga on ticket cash %.  While our ticket cash percentage was poor at Del Mar, we did have two exceptional days with very large pay outs.........they're posted on the results page.  We also did way above our average this year at Ellis Park, the Fairgrounds, and Hawthorne, but we didn't have a high volume of plays at those three. 

We keep a lot of stats, but the only one that matters in the end is the net dollars won.  We were net winners at every track's meet except Saratoga last year....................only a small winner at Del Mar thanks to a couple real large tickets which pulled us barely into the black there.  We also were great in the triple crown with huge wins in the Derby, where we caught the pick 3 ending with the Derby, and were even better in the Preakness where we nailed everything including a large superfecta ticket ($12 ticket paid over $10,000).......Our worst showings were in last fall's 2005 Breeders Cup (we had a very long day)and we were poor today in the Sunshine Million(shades of the Breeders Cup)................hope springs eternal. - March 1, 2006

How and when do I get the information I purchased? 

At The Track will e-mail to you the product you purchased as soon as is practical when we receive your order.


When is the best time to order?

The day before is always best to insure you get your order in time.  Orders received the day before are typically sent out that night so you won't have a worry of getting them in time for the next day.


What do you consider your best type of bets?

We believe we are the "best in the business" for net money won on trifectas and pick threes which are our two favorite exotic plays.  Check out our "Winning Strategy" and "Longshots" pages for more info.


Do you win every day?

I wish...........but no.  There is a lot of losing in horseracing.  In fact we win only 31% of our exotic plays and that means about 70% of our tickets go in the loser stack.  Our plan and actual results is to win enough on the winning tickets to much more than off set the 70% that lose.  The good news is while we don't win every day we definitely win every month.  It's a marathon not a sprint.  The real good news is that quite often we hit a Very Big winner........check out some of these by hitting the links near the top of our home page for personal favorite for '05 was our $12 superfecta call in the Preakness which paid over $10, we had that one pegged just right and we had a number of customers who played it...........very happy campers.


What are the factors which most define a "good card" from one which is not?

The two most important factors are - #1 the size of the fields. The more horses running , the better. In large fields the fav's tend to take more money, making good price horses even better price horses and the exotic pools get even more distorted with much bigger pay offs. #2 A number of races where the horses figure very close, very contentious races where there is not a wide separation from the fav's and others.


What at this time are the best Tracks for good prices?

Without a doubt, Hollywood Park and Churchill Downs are producing multiple long shot winners almost every day. Many of these winners are hard to figure how anyone could play them. Hollywood has produced many Pick Six Carryovers at the present meet. Last week , one day, no one even had 5 of 6 winners.

- June 21, 2006


What do you recommend when so many unexpected long shots keep winning?

The "ALL BUTTON" can really be a friend and I highly recommend playing low priced Pick Three and Trifecta tickets under these conditions. A good example was our play at Churchill Downs last Saturday. In the races in front of the Stephen Foster we recommended to play two low priced P3 tickets Ticket A (a loser) was All with Fav with Perfect Drift at 10 to 1. Everything looked great as we were alive going into the last leg with Perfect Drift in a daylight lead heading for the wire. I was dismayed that another horse came from last to first to beat us by a nose. But wait, our Ticket B was fav with fav with All and both fav's won and the final leg , the "ALL LEG" was a winner. What a winner it was! Seek Gold at Ninety-One(91) to One! Ticket A was a $9 loser and ticket B won over $1000.

- June 21, 2006


Do you have any suggesting for money management?

Plan your bets (within your budget) the day before race day.  On actual race day, use your time to make adjustments for scratches, changes in weather conditions, and most importantly, changes in the odds. - from our September 7, 2006 Advisory


How do you recommend dealing with changes in the odds?

Having budgeted out your plays for the day, if you notice a particularly improved price for one of your plays,  eliminate another play and reallocate the funds to increase the amount wagered on the higher potential situation.  This is a better way to go than increasing your daily budget amount.  This situation develops quite for it and take home more money - from our September 7, 2006 Advisory


How do you deal with races that have a lot of scratches?

Scratches -- Very tricky here (for Trifecta plays).....often if a key horse is a late scratch it will change the entire pace scenario of the race.....I often cancel my ticket when this happens and just watch.  There's always another race and I'd rather put my money down where I've had more time to consider how the race will develop and end. 
As a general rule if I haven't played the horse which is a late scratch, I'll go ahead and play the race.  If I have used the scratched horse I don't play the race unless I've already identified a substitute horse.  In our selections, we'll sometimes list a horse to use if a scratch develops.  When this is present I'd play , when not I wouldn't. For Pick Three's, it's less of an issue and I recommend using the next unused Top Pick as a substitute to a Top Pick Scratch and the next unused Long Shot as a sub to a Long Shot Scratch. - from our September 15, 2006 Advisory


Our Guarantee

We will always strive to provide you the best opportunities to take home more money. If you are new to our service, try us out by buying a One Track/Day Package, and if you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund all of your money back. This guarantee is only available to first-time users. So give us a try and see what you have been missing.



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