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Breeder's Cup 2005 Wrap-up

Closing Thoughts

The '05 Breeder's Cup at Belmont Park was a great day for horse racing with huge pools, exciting and contentious races throughout, and some great pay outs. Unfortunately, At The Track didn't connect.  In almost every race we had our selections (many very good prices) in contention to win and in good position for the final drive to the wire, and each time they didn't get us home.  Wow! What a long and expensive day.  Despite all this, we remain very deep in the plus column for the year and hope springs eternal!  We rise from the ashes because in horse racing there's always tomorrow and "tomorrow is another day".  We look forward to profitable meets at Churchill Downs, Santa Anita, and Hollywood Park through the balance of the year, as well as knocking off some big winners in Chicago, New York, Florida, and Northern California.  We thank our many loyal repeat customers who remain way ahead of the game this year with the At The Track info edge and wish everyone good luck this autumn and anytime you're At The Track............Ron - Founder /Handicapper /Farmer 

Latest Comments from our Founder Ron Robinson on this year's Breeder's Cup

10/24/05 - Maybe the most contentious and therefore best racing card I've ever seen!  From the Juvenile Fillies through The Classic, absolutely great fields with tremendous price potentials as virtually every race has long shots with win capability.   What a great day for trifecta's (our specialty) and multiple race wagers, our favorite being the picks three's. 

The 3rd and 7th races begin pick 4's which could literally be astronomical if the right ones get home.  We have already identified a number of live long shots and have begun the laborious process of analyzing various pace scenarios, to be finished up when the post positions are announced tomorrow.  This year's Breeder's Cup is definitely the time to kick up the day's bankroll, as one good tri or pick 3 win ticket could handsomely overcome a number of swings and misses. 

I really hope for good weather, as this time of year in New York can come up with almost anything, so I'm handicapping for any eventuality, but still hoping for the best weather possible. I'm coming up with some real bombs that are "must uses" for my exotic wager recommendations and this includes "the Classic" where it's NOT just a three horse race (Rock Hard Ten, Saint Liam, Borrego), as I've got 2 more to include that could blow up the payouts big time........more later and in the meantime, good luck anytime you're At The Track - Ron Robinson - Founder/Handicapper/Farmer

Early comments from our Founder Ron Robinson on this year's Breeder's Cup

October 17, 2005 - Not only is the Breeder's Cup the best day of racing, it's often the best day for betting the races and we expect the big day on 10/29 to be one of those days.  For the handicapper , on normal days, after all the past performances have been analyzed and after the improvement and regression assumptions have been factored into the recipe, then the final piece of handicapping comes down to "what are these guys up to today with this horse" .  In other words, are they really going to make their best effort today or is this a "prep work out for bigger things to come".  This kind of thought process must be done, everyday, to be successful in this game.   The beauty of the Breeder's Cup is there IS NO BIGGER DAY, thus this worry is mitigated to the highest extent possible.  Perhaps it's a contributing factor to our tremendous success this year on Big Race days like the Triple Crown events.  I'm real excited about the upcoming Breeder's Cup and look for some very large payouts from what will surely be huge mutual pools with the "expected distortions" which come when thousands of not so full time horse players are in the mix.........stay tuned for my thoughts on specific races as the big day approaches...........In the meantime, good luck At The Track - R. Robinson - Founder /Handicapper/Farmer

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