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Belmont Stakes Wrap-up and review of our picks

Post Belmont:

The Belmont has been a heart breaker each of the last 5 years. Four Triple Crowns (2001-2004) averted in a row, when the winner of the first 2 legs didn't get home in New York; and this year clearly the best horse, Afleet Alex, doesn't win the triple because of the ridiculous hot pace of the Derby.  The Belmont Stakes was an especially "Tough Beat" for At The Track because our handicapping was so right on four big aspects of the race, we were coming off huge recommended ticket wins in the Derby and Preakness, and our recommended Belmont Stakes trifecta play narrowly missed another handsome payoff. 

What we did Right: 

1. Had the winner.  
2. Left Giacomo off all tickets entirely (he ran 7th).   
3. Used the #1 horse who was the longest shot in the field and ran a close third (he runs 2nd we win huge again).
4. Accurately predicted the trifecta would be a "signer" even if the favorite won. 
What was Wrong:  We are still holding our trifecta and superfecta tickets and are unable to convert them to cash because the #1 horse couldn't get up for place.  Also, we're reminded, we are not invincible, this is horse racing and there is a lot of losing.  Back to good News:  You can't win them all, but we still make money by producing trifecta and pick 3 tickets which cash 30% of the time. 
We did much better than our average in the triple crown races: 
Derby- bet $200 and won over $10,000 hitting the pick 3
Preakness - bet $200 and won over $10,000 hitting the tri and the superfecta
Belmont- Bet and lost $200 in a close race that almost got us home again in the trifecta. 
We'll take the same results for next year's Triple Crown.......Customers  who played all three are still pretty happy campers....Ron Robinson At The Track


Our Recommended $200 Play

Below is a copy of our Recommended $200 play that we sent to our subscribers. We may not have struck it big like we did in the Derby and the Preakness, but you can see that our analysis properly excluded Giacomo and included the #1 horse Nolan's Cat for the exotics:

At The Track expects the betting pools to be gigantic for the Belmont Stakes day(near $100 million).  Despite the huge pools, which tend to protect the odds on your exotic wagers, we encourage you to protect your winning payoff amount by not sharing our recommended play selection.  We want each of our customers for the Belmont Stakes to enjoy the highest payouts possible, like we achieved in the Derby and the Preakness.  We have put together tickets which we feel include the horses mostly likely to win with 3 live long shots who we believe can get in there and blow up the payouts on the trifecta and superfecta.  Here is the At The Track recommended $200 play for the '05 Belmont Stakes:   $1 Trifecta  - Cost of ticket $108. Use 3-8-9 to win, 1-3-4-8-9 to Place, and ALL in the Show position.  Also play a $1 Superfecta ticket - cost of ticket $72 - Use 3-8-9 to win, use 1-3-4-8-9 to place, use 1-3-4-8-9 to show, and use the same 1-3-4-8-9 to finish 4th.  Also play a $10 Exacta 9 over 3-8 for a cost of $20 to round out your $200 play.   The race has been handicapped for a fast track........if the track conditions are sloppy or muddy at the time of the race, replace the #1 horse with the #10 horse in the trifecta and superfecta.  All others look the best to us under any conditions.  Note we a leaving the #5 horse, Giacomo, completely out of our selection.  All of us at AT The Track appreciate your business and hope we deliver a "Sweep of the Triple Crown" for those of you who played our selections in the two prior legs (winning over $21,000 ) and also to those of you joining us for the first time.   We invite you to visit our free website from time to time to check out our articles , betting strategy, and occasional free selection.  Best of Luck in the 137th running of the Belmont Stakes and anytime you're At The Track----Ron Robinson , founder/handicapper/horseplayer  

June 10, 2005 update

Here we go again! The day before the final leg of the Triple Crown, the great 1 1/2 mile running of the 137th Belmont Stakes.  We have handicapped this race nine ways from Sunday, know who are picks are going to be, have selected some surprise long shots we really like, and are now in that familiar position, like we were the day before the Derby and the Preakness........sooooooo excited about the big payoff opportunity presented in our analysis, we just wish they were getting in the gate now!  At The Track has a very special interest in this year's Belmont because how many times do you think we'll have the opportunity to go Back to Back to Back in all three legs of the Triple Crown with huge winning ticket recommendations that get home.  It's  potentially our greatest handicapping achievement and we believe will surpass anyone else's achievement in the world of handicapping.  Yes, we're trying to do it for the big payoff, but more than anything we're trying to do it for the big feather in our cap....the pride of achieving what no other has in this great game of horse racing.  We expect the pools to be huge again in the Belmont , as they were in the Derby and Preakness, and also quite distorted with so many people trying to catch a "life changer" , we're expecting our selections to pay big when they win.  We encourage you to spend a few bucks and buy our selections and visit our website next week for our famous post race analysis.  We hope to be crowing again!  In any event, it is a great opportunity and will be a great amount of fun.  Best of luck to you in the Belmont Stakes and anytime you're At The Track. Ron Robinson - Founder/Handicapper/Horseplayer   


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